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Monday, November 11, 2013

project manager responsibilities

project manager responsibilities

Under direction, is responsible for the overall planning, management and completion of IT projects on a 
wide variety of business units and programs. Works with customers to develop project scope of work 
documents and project plans. Uses project management skills to manage project roles, identify 
resource requirements, meet training needs, define project deliverables, provide customer satisfaction 
and reporting structures and insure quality of projects. Identifies the technical approach to be used on a 
given project and manages the system development process. Documents opportunities to integrate 
systems and resources to fulfill project requirements. Ensures effective communications and 
relationships between customers and project team members are maintained. Duties may require 24 
hour, seven days per week on-call responsibility for project support. 
Project Managers may be focused in customer or functional program areas where specific subject 
matter expertise will be important. 


Works with appropriate customers to identify and coordinate new IT system developments and/or 

project manager responsibilities 1

Works with appropriate customers to develop project scope of work documents and project plans that 
include an analysis of benefit, cost, work schedule and any related risks. 
Assigns, schedules, trains, reviews, and monitors project work to ensure that progress is within 
expected guidelines and is completed on time and within budget. Mentors and provides expertise to 
other project team members. 

project manager responsibilities 2

Works with appropriate customers to identify the roles of project team members, project reporting 
structures and frequency of interaction and any training requirements that may be needed for a team 
member to complete an IT project. 
Defines the responsibilities of parties involved in the project including customers, management, IT 
management, project team, vendors and others affected by the project. 
Identifies, tracks, monitors and communicates project-related issues, scope changes, variances and 
contingencies that may arise during the implementation of IT projects. Facilitates amicable solutions 
with the appropriate customer(s).  
Maintains effective communication and working relationships with customers and project team 

project manager responsibilities 3

Identifies the technical approach to be used on a given IT project and manages the system 
development process including the development of a strategic plan, systems analysis, technical design, 
coding, testing and acceptance of an IT system and/or application. 
Develops IT system review schedules, audits and acceptance tests for each phase of a project. 
Identifies IT system design alternatives, researches existing IT systems in the marketplace and 
recommends viable IT solutions. 
Develops Requests for Proposals (RFP), evaluates responses, and leads IT system selection teams. 
Identifies and documents opportunities to integrate IT systems and resources to fulfill project 

project manager responsibilities 4

Prepares and presents oral and/or written technical reports and project presentations. 
Organizes and conducts project team meetings. 
Utilizes current, county-wide and/or department specific software to complete assignments. 

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Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing

An Engineering Drawing is a Document that communicates a precise description of a part.  This description consists of pictures, words, numbers and symbols.  Together, these elements communicate part information to all drawing users. 

 Engineering drawing information includes:

Geometry (shape, size, and form of the part)

Critical functional relationships

Tolerances allowed for proper function

Material, heat treat, surface coatings

Part documentation information (part number, revision level)

In the past most engineering drawings were created by manual methods.  Tools like drafting boards, T-squares, compasses, triangles, etc. were used.  The original drawing was created on paper, vellum or Mylar that could be used for making blueprints. 

Today engineers created drawings using a computer.  The designer creates an electronic version of a drawing.  The original drawing is a computer file.  Copies are made on a printer or plotter.  Whether engineering drawings are manual drawings or computer generated their purpose remains the same:  to record and communicate design information.
SCALES are one of the part of engineering drawing
Usually the word scale is used for an instrument used for drawing straight lines. But actually in Engineer’s language scale means the proportion or ratio between the dimensions adopted for the drawing and the corresponding dimensions of the object. It can be indicated in two different ways. Example: The actual dimensions of the room say 10m x 8m cannot be adopted on the drawing. In suitable proportion the dimensions should be reduced in order to adopt conveniently on the drawing sheet. If the room is represented by a rectangle of 10cm x 8cm size on the drawing sheet that means the actual size is reduced by 100 times.
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