how to block sbi atm card

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sbi atm card

How To Block SBI ATM Card

how to block sbi atm card few steps:

  • first call the SBI heline number as early as you noticed that your card has been missed or stolen. or call sbi atm blocking toll free number0800 982 360 (24 x 7 Toll free call centre)The toll free number always active. give a information about your situation and ask them about how to block sbi atm,they will deactivate your sbi atm card.
  • next answer the security Questions asked by the helpline excutives for verification and authentication of your identity. you may be asked simple personal questaions like name and date of birth and family details like father name. etc..
  • Once your identity is finished, your request for blocking the sbi atm cardwill be processed. 
  • the help line staff will give a system generated ticket number (just write down it).
  • call the sbi home branch that issued the sbi atm card to you and explain to them the loss of your sbi atm card
  • and finally write a application form about sbi atm card blocking and get a new sbi atm card. 
  • you would be charged a new atm card for a fee of INR 200.